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Quito, April 7, 2018

Drafting FIDAL



A dream come true: 10 years of the Educational Excellence Contest


Rosalía Arteaga Serrano, 10 years ago made the dream of creating a contest come true to reward the most important training actors in a society, the teachers.

Quito, April 10, 2018.- The objective of the contest is to generate a qualitative improvement in education through the recognition of the design, development and evaluation of educational projects: pedagogical, curricular or didactic innovations; research, publications and other activities, involving the effort, perseverance and ability of teachers.

The event is aimed at teachers at the levels of initial, basic and high school education. It welcomes teachers from all over Ecuador and for 4 years those from different parts of Latin America.


Educational projects are carefully evaluated by a national and an international jury. Initially, the best proposals are selected so that later they can be qualified in more detail, including visits to educational establishments.

Thanks to the reception that the contest has had over the years, on April 25 at 6:00 p.m. in the Simón Bolívar Pavilion of the Quito Exhibition Center, the Award Ceremony of the X National and V Ibero-American Contest will be held. of Educational Excellence in which the best teacher in Ecuador and the teacher in Latin America will be met, who together will receive $ 15,000 in prizes in addition to trips abroad. Along with them, the following will be recognized for their work and contribution to education: Rosa Amelia Alvarado Roca from Ecuador, as well as Ernesto Kahan from Israel and teacher Noelia Garella.

Being able to carry out an event of this category every year allows us to fulfill dreams, ours as a foundation, those of various societies by delivering better education pillars and those of each teacher by opening the doors to new opportunities, offering a space where their voice and give them the prominence they deserve for their noble vocation.

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